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August 29, 2009

Late Summer Garden

Tomatos, Tomatillos, Jalapenos, oh my!

And, I'm back! I hope to come back to this space a couple times a week now that I have my other blog moving along nicely.

Late summer harvest from the garden - gazillions of tomatoes this year (yay!!), tomatillos (which grow like weeds in my yard and garden) and jalapeƱos. Will be making salsa shortly. And bruschetta (with store-bought basil, as both garden shops I went to were sold out by the time I planted last spring).

Ladybug in kid-made habitat

Ladybug found in garden and put in an unenclosed "kid-made" habitat. Ladybug has since moved on to other habitats :)

Pumpkin, still maturing

Growing pumpkin.

White pumpkin, still maturing

White pumpkin! Still growing. We picked a white pumpkin from a pumpkin farm and saved the seeds. We planted the seeds in spring and here we have our first home-grown white pumpkin! Didn't work with the blue Belgian pumpkin, but there's always next year!

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