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September 16, 2009

Odd Fall Blooms

Not what I usually see in the garden in mid-September:

A single orange rose. I bought this vine in May and didn't expect any blooms this year. And the package said pink. However, orange is my favorite color (okay, tied with green) so I love it. Except it's in the "cool" garden with purples, blues and pinks. I do love contrast, though ...

Unknown purple flowers growing in the lawn. I think they're wild geraniums. Pleasant surprise because I usually only see flowers in the lawn in spring (other than dandelions, of course)

Pincushions, usually only seen in spring.

Forget-me-nots, planted in the vegetable garden two years ago, keep popping up.

JalapeƱo plant appears to want to provide one more harvest - let's hope the frost stays away long enough!

Could it be ... sunflowers!?! In mid-September? Oh, I hope, I hope they bloom before it gets too cold!!

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