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May 1, 2009

Musical Park in Milwaukee

I had driven past this park many times, not knowing that it was even a park. I thought that it was some sort of promotional display for one of the museums in the area. Well, one day we happened to park across the street from it during a visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum. We decided to stop and explore... and we were pleasantly surprised!

The flags (?) make a rustling noise in the wind, like leaves on tall trees in a very large forest. They sparkle and wink in the sunlight and you can turn them with wheels at the bottom of the poles.

We were really surprised to find that the benches had drumsticks tied to them! They are musical benches!

And the "sculpture" in the middle has a sign on it to drop in pebbles. The pebbles make music on their way down.

Probably one of the coolest parks we've ever visited!


Julie said...

This looks like so much fun. What a great idea!

jacquie said...

i used to stay in a hotel right near there when i worked in milwaukee. coolest place!