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September 26, 2008

Still Working on the Dining Room

The chairs have been painted and are in use and the table has been refinished.

Originally we planned to stain the table a dark walnut, but I had a change of heart early in the project. It's an old (if you consider the 1980s old) country-style pine table - solid and heavy as...heck. It has a lot of character, some probably added at the factory before shipping and the rest added by us. It really needed to be refinished so I thought we'd update the entire room with a dark-stained table and white chairs.

Well, after stripping off most of the old finish and looking at the beautiful color of the pine, I just couldn't change the color. It's so rich and orangey-yellow and gorgeous. So I bought a spray can of matte polyurethane and left it as is - warts and all (actually, stains, marker and some of the old finish and all). We LOVE the way it turned out, very rustic, very much like raw wood. I had to change some of my ideas for the room (the color of the chairs and curtains, for example) but I'm flexible and actually had wanted to go with a colorful room all along - I just thought it might be too much. I just love it so much. We're still working on the curtains and the china cabinets.

The end chairs were sold to us by a friend at his rummage sale (for $3 a piece) and I sooo wish I had a before picture of them. They were blond wood with a faux green marble vinyl seat cover. Underneath the chairs they say "Room 209" and they most likely came from a mid-priced hotel chain - I can so see them in the corner by the round table with the lamp. I spray painted them and recovered the seats with one of my thrift store fabric finds.

Close up of the fabric, a very small blue hounds-tooth pattern (more blue than this photo would have you believe):


giddygoat said...

Super cute! said...

The chairs look fantastic! I have a bunch of thrifted chairs that I'll be mixing with some unfinished IKEA chairs. Now I just have to decide on paint colors...

Amy said...

I love your bright chairs and beautiful table!

Pretty Ditty said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the happy colors.