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September 16, 2008

Sentimental Quilts

Mr. Monkeysuit is featuring Sentimental Quilts this week for Quilt Month. I only own two handmade quilts, and both qualify as sentimental. This yellow quilt was a gift for my first born. It is not a crib quilt, but a lap quilt. I love the design and the fact that it is yellow. I understand that quilters shy away from yellow because it is such an attention hog it is hard to match it with other colors. So, the perfect solution? A yellow quilt! When I first received it I planned to hang it and display it. I was promptly scolded by the quilt's maker (a family friend) and told this quilt was made to be used! It is a favorite of all 3 kids and their dolls and I'm so glad we're using it and enjoying looking at it.

The pink quilt was also a gift for my first born, but has a sad story behind it. It is a hand-quilted wholecloth quilt that was made for a baby girl who never quite made it into our world. The family held on to the quilt for more than two decades, two sons and two grandsons and then decided it needed to be passed along to a baby girl. It's so pretty and delicate, I hope you can see the flower pattern in the middle and the prairie point edges.


mrmonkeysuit said...

Both of those are real treasures.

jacquie said...

what great stories to go with these quilts. they are both so special!