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March 15, 2009

Irish Soda Bread - Yum!

Irish Soda Bread - Finished!

We started some of the March Book of Days activities (also note link in sidebar), put together by the inspiring Stefani at Blue Yonder. Here we are making Irish Soda bread (and we learned a whole lot about Ireland and baking in the process!) It was delicious - eaten for dinner, then breakfast, then snack, then... gone!

Irish Soda Bread - Mixing

Irish Soda Bread - Mess!

1 comment:

umbrellabella said...

That looks so yum- like Australian damper! I'm in love with your green mixer it looks like a super work horse :-)
Thanks for your comment re the Australian bushfires; there has been huge fundraising here hopefully lots of people can at least make a new start.