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February 14, 2009

Birds On A Wire

From Birds On A Wire

We went outside today in our small urban yard and I tried to find something beautiful or inspirational to photograph. A difficult feat in Wisconsin during a minor winter thaw. Most plant life is dead and the snow is dirty. I did manage to find a few things that I might post later, but the most inspirational image was that of doves on telephone wires (in the alley, no less!) The photo quality is not good, the doves were too far away for my camera to get a decent focus. But I found the composition to be quite good and fun with it in iPhoto when we came in. Here are some of my favorite "new" looks for what started as a mediocre photo. Enjoy!
Above, enhanced with color boost and cropped.

Below, the original:

Next, sepia with color boost:

Black and white with matte:

Color fade vignette:

Antique with high contrast:

I think it would be fun to make note cards or calendars with images such as these...


Derkshouse said...

Very cool - I like the color fade vignette.

Melanie O said...

That one is my favorite, too.

jacquie said...

playing in i photo is fun! you must be so proud of the fabric shopper. looks like it's a great success!