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December 16, 2008

Little Treasures

These might be my best garbage-pick ever. I don't really pick through people's garbage, but I live in a city with alleys (and I used to live in Chicago, too) and when people put things out in the alley, separate from their garbage, they mean for someone to take it. Especially in Chicago, where it is very difficult to move all your stuff! These, however, came from the house directly behind me on the other side of the alley. A young man moved into his grandmother's house after she passed away and he cleaned everything out. I spied the box when pulling into my garage and just knew it contained something good! I ran across the alley, kids still seat-belted (and hollering) in the car. I made sure the guy who works on cars next door was out of sight and I dragged the box into my garage. Later, after I sneaked it past my husband into the basement, I found these wonderful figurines. They've seen better days, but they're delightful none-the-less. They live in the winter village and brighten up our Christmas! I believe they're Barclay toys, just from looking around eBay.


Amy said...

Those are fantastic! What a find. It's funny what some people prize and others are willing to throw away, isn't it?

mrmonkeysuit said...

How very cool. I love them. There really is nothing better than a good garbage pick:)

Linda Crispell said...

This makes me weepy.