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November 13, 2008

Pajama Pants for the Girl Scouts

This has been occupying too much of my time lately. My troop (of 4 girls!) are working on their Sew Simple badge and will be making Fast & Easy pajama pants. First, I needed to whip up a pair for my daughter just to make sure it really is fast and easy. Well, it probably would be fast and easy if you sewed the four simple pieces together the right way. But, if you sew them together upside down and then rip out the wrong seams, it's not so fast anymore. And, it doesn't feel so easy. And you decide that you need to stay up all night until you get it right. Only you're so tired and bleary-eyed that putting together Fast and Easy pajama pants seems like some sort of ancient brain teaser that only graduates of MIT could figure out. And then, you just get it and sew them together and wonder what your problem was. Oh, well, lesson learned. Now I know to pay extra attention when the girls are sewing their pieces together!

1 comment:

Liz said...

We have a Juliette scout in our town (she is the only girl, so there isn't a troop) and I am helping her with that badge too. She comes over one night a week and we sew. I'm going to have to show her your entry. She'd love to know about other kids working on the same badge.