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August 20, 2008

What's Bloomin' in August?

Although we are in the throes of a drought around here, there are a few flowers braving the dryness to give us some late summer beauty. Above you see the crowd-pleasing sunflowers. Every year this giant comes back and we've never planted a single seed! This year I even laid down a raised bed over it's usual spot but that didn't deter it. Thank goodness!

Next up: Flowers on the dill. I know you're not supposed to let herbs flower and go to seed, but they're so pretty!

Hibiscus - not blooming quite yet, but blooms are on the way. This hibiscus was advertised as cold hardy to zone 5 and it hasn't disappointed yet. This is the second year it has come back. I did plant it with southern exposure next to the house, so I'm sure that helps.

Butterfly Bush with Feverfew in the background. Try as I might, I cannot get a decent picture of the Feverfew but it is a very hardy and proficient performer. I love plants like this that quietly do their job without stealing the show. And, the Butterfly Bush is lovely, too.

PUMPKIN! A pumpkin is coming! Finally! (I know it's not a bloom, but I discovered it today while I was taking pictures in the garden)

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