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August 10, 2008

Inspiration from the garden

Tomatillos, before they ripen, resemble little Chinese lanterns.


Derkshouse said...

Bailey and I were wondering if this type of tomatoes tastes different then a "normal" tomato? Also, do they have the ridges on them when they turn red?
Renee & Bailey

Melanie said...

These tomatoes do not turn red, they stay green. What you are actually looking at in the picture is a paper-like shell with a tiny tomatillo inside. When the tomatillo grows, it will split the shell (I'll get pictures). They do not taste like regular tomatoes -they are more bitter. You do not eat them raw, you cook them and make them into salsa. If you've ever eaten green salsa at a Mexican restaurant, then you've eaten tomatillos!

Kathleen said...

Great photo! Wow, I wish I had better luck with gardening now that I live in Florida. I had great luck in Michigan with growing vegetables, but I lost my green thumb when I moved...