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October 8, 2008

Flea Market Finds - Part One

Last weekend I went to the Kane County Flea Market (outside of Chicago). My general feeling about flea markets is that they're sort of like antique stores - you pay the going rate for anything you find. I'm more of a bargain hunter and I usually enjoy thrift stores and garage sales more than flea markets and antique stores. My first impression of the flea market was exactly that - linens for $15 and up, quilts started at $35 for the shabby ones, childrens books started at $4 a piece (these are the things I generally look at). I'm not a collector, I just like interesting things. I was only looking at linens because I wanted a vintage tablecloth for my new look in my dining room. Just when I thought I'd have to shell out $15 for a vintage tablecloth (I hate spending more than $5 per object...) I happened upon the Iowa Junk Gypsies and their travel mates. Wonderful vintage items at wonderfully low prices. I purchased almost everything I bought that day from those two venders (including the small apron from my previous post). I'm posting about my finds in three different posts. This first one is the linens post. Like I said before, I do not collect linens, but... these were irresistible! The photo above is my new dining room table cloth. I will take a picture of it in the dining room when we finish the room. It is stained, but I haven't tried to take the stains out yet and they are faded. I also plan on using the tablecloth so I'm sure it will get stained more! A bargain at $5!

Below, Saturday towel. I tried not to buy this, but the stitching is in orange. I love orange. Orange looks great in my kitchen. Sigh.

Below, in poor condition (stained around the edges, but the stitching in intact!), needlework from the $1 bin. I think it's precious - look at the teddy bear angel!

Below, my most treasured find! I'm in love with this child's shoe bag. The puppies are adorable! I can't believe I own this! When I looked for the price I fully expected to see at least $15, but no, I paid less than $10 (although I broke my $5 rule)!

Below, a very faded tablecloth that is more faded than this picture makes it look. I bought it because of the vintage Mexican images - something I don't see very often.

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jacquie said...

amazing finds...i'm with you on a bargain!